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Lembongan and Ceningan Island Hoper


Lembongan and Ceningan Island are located in the south east part of Bali. It takes 30 minutes from Sanur by boat. The idea to visit this island was coming from my friend Henny. She wanted to make a lil high school reunion with our “gang” back then, so she set up a group on WhatsApp and invited 6 of us (GA, Fitri, Angel, Marin and me-Guteri).Unfortunately, GA and Marin couldn’t come.
We set 24th July as the first day of vacation and in this time we will only spend 3D2N in the island. We booked a bunk room for 4 pax at the Le Pirate-Nusa Ceningan. We were so excited to be there, as it looks nice in the Instagram and website. On 24th July at 9am, we were all gathered at Sanur to start the trip. At 10 am we got on the boat. We pay IDR 120.000/pax for return tickets. After 30 minutes, we finally arrived at Mushroom beach. Mushroom is one of white sandy beaches with the blue crystal water in Nusa Lembongan. Right after we arrived, we were welcomed by locals who tried to offer places to stay, bike for rent or some snorkeling and mangrove tours. As we booked accommodation in Nusa Ceningan, we decided to rent 2 motorbikes. We found our motorbikes were quite funny, they don’t have the police number and reaview mirrors; It’s not safe and such a challenge for us, us especially most of the road are rocky and holey. We were heading to the Hotel. We passed the small rocky road enclosed by trees and local houses. Dogs crossed the road & children chattered. The atmosphere was nice and the vibe was so positive. To get to Ceningan Island, we should cross a long yellow bridge known as Love Bridge. The width is 1 meter and approximately 100 meter long. We were queuing with other bikers who want to cross the bridge. We reached the 10 minutes after crossing the bridge and we were highly happy to arrive at The Le Pirate which is one of the most unique accommodations in Bali and beyond. It’s quite early to check-in; furthermore our room was being prepared by the housekeepers. The Le Pirate has in total 8 rooms, 2 bunk rooms which can consists 4 pax per room and the rest are double room with maximum capacity 2 pax per room. It has a pool, with bar next to it and surely a terrace above sea which become a perfect place to get tanned! While waiting for the room, we were enjoyed a glass of lemonade as the welcome drink and to feed our belly we chose pork fried rice for lunch! After finished lunch and get our stuff in the bunk room, we rid the motorbike around the island of Ceningan. We went to the south part and found secret beach, blue lagoon and jumping point. We couldn’t do the jump because the tide was low and the wind blowing so fast. So instead of jumping, we were taking picture of our feet in the jumping point! In Lembongan we starved almost every 2 hours, so we headed to Jungut Batu at Lembongan Island to carving for some foods. Ayam lalapan become our bullets. Done with second lunch, we went to mangrove beach to book a snorkeling tour for the next day. Pak Nano, owner of Nano Warung and snorkeling tour offered us a super friendly price – IDR 50.000, – for 2 snorkeling tour and mangrove tour, and YES! We booked it. We then back to the hotel and bought some meatballs and fried banana for snack. The rest of the day, we swam at the hotel.
We woke up at 6 am in the morning. It’s weird because we never woke up early on working day. We decided to have breakfast at Pak Nano’s Warung before snorkeling. The wind was quite strong; Pak Nano suggested us waiting for an hour. The time has come! Pak Nano let us fit the fin, google and snorkel. Our first stop is in the wall of Penida, the wind was still strong and it made big waves hit the boat. But we were lucky to have Pak Nano with us; he’s such a kind and strong man. In the wall of Penida, we snorkeling around the colorful fish, the sea was so clear. We took pictures, selfie and were happy mingling with the underwater creatures. There were some tourists who snorkeling with us, some of them were diving. We snorkeled for 1 hour and then continue to the next stop over, the mangrove point.
As we arrived at Warung Nano, Mrs Nano served us with Balinese grilled fish with fresh young coconut water. It was otally heaven on earth!! Mangrove tour is the last tour of the day. We hopped on a white boat and down the mangrove bank. We heard the bird chirping and saw the crabs hanging in the mangrove’s root. The sunshine emerged through the leaves and bounced by the water enhanced the beauty of the place. What a lovely moment. After 20 minutes boating along the mangrove forest we went back to Le Pirate. We end the day by watched the sunset in the poolside with beer relaxed our body. The last day in Ceningan Island was the day where we woke up late and swimming in the seaweed beach in front of the hotel. Time went faster and its check out time. Last but not least we were so happy to have Dream beach as the final place to visit. Again we took pictures and a quick sunbath for Henny. We dropped our motorbike and walking to the beach where the boat was waiting to take us back to Bali. I hate when holiday comes an end, but I always believe that EVERY END IT’S THE NEW BEGINNING. So, see you in the new beginning!



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