About Us

Kompas Travel Fair 2024 is the biggest travel industry expo and remains a one-stop solution, offering a wide variety of services to meet travelers’ needs. Having been around for 11 years, Kompas Travel Fair is an exhibition event that prioritizes the travel industry while continually providing attractive offers for travelers.

For over a decade, Kompas Travel Fair (KTF) has been at the forefront of inspiring and facilitating travel for both enthusiastic travelers and Indonesia’s tourism industry. As a one-stop exhibition for all travel needs, KTF builds upon its decade-long legacy of innovation by presenting an unparalleled opportunity to explore a world of travel possibilities.

With renewed enthusiasm, Kompas Travel Fair adopts the tagline “Yuk, berangkat!” reflecting its vision to turn travel dreams into reality. Through meticulous planning and diverse offerings, KTF ensures a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience. This commitment goes beyond planning, offering support and assistance throughout your entire travel experience. Discover multiple incredible deals on tour packages, airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and more.

Come and turn your dream vacation into reality with Kompas Travel Fair. Yuk, berangkat!