KTF 2019 Jakarta


Jumat, 20 September 2019
09.00Opening Ceremony
10.00Press Conference
11.30Tiket Wahana dan FnB
13.00Jatim Park Group Special Promo Buy 5 Get 1 Free
13.30Pack Your Bag Competition by Travel Xperience
14.00Talkshow and Dance Performance by Papua Barat
15.00Formosa Circus Art
15.30Koper Murah
16.00Tiket Wahana dan FnB
16.30Pack Your Bag Competition by Travel Xperience
17.00Quiz Berhadiah Cathay Pacific
17.15“Seeing is Believing – Traveling is Fun” by Adhia Pradana (Travel Consultant) and Muti Sutojo (Author of “Jelajah 50 Negara”)
18.45Papua Barat Night Band Performance
19.45Koper Murah
20.15Auction Program
Sabtu, 21 September 2019
10.30Pack your Bag Competition by Travel Xperience
11.00Koper Murah
11.30Talkshow with My Tours and My Haji
12.30Animal Show Taman Safari Group
13.00Giveaway by Philips
13.15Quiz Berhadiah Cathay Pacific
13.30Dulcomove by Dulcolax
13.40The Nature Conservation (TNC) Talkshow “Travel with Awareness” bersama Ambassador TNC Melissa Karim
14.10Tiket Wahana dan FnB
14.30Sesi Talkshow bersama @krisdiandro and @kabutipis
15.30Go with your Gut by Dulcolax
16.00Indonesian Hidden Gem Exploring with No Worries
16.30Adinda Azzahra Wisata Halal
17.30Undiscovered Taipei
百萬部落客 Anak Jajan 臺北行分享會
18.00Program by INCON
19.00Dulcomove by Dulcolax
19.10Koper Murah
19.40Tiket Wahana dan FnB
20.00Auction Program
20.30Pack Your Bag Competition by Travel Xperience
Minggu, 22 September 2019
10.00Enjoy the New Experience with Avalon Waterways
10.30“Relaxing Holidays” by Golden Rama
11.00Pack Your Bag Competition Sponsored by Travel Xperience
11.30Bounce Street Asia Trampoline – Gymnast & Tricking
12.20KENALI: Fit to Travel with Turmeric Latte atau Golden Mylk
12.45Philips Giveaway
13.00Tiket Wahana dan FnB
13.30Koper Murah
14.00Animal Show by Taman Safari Group
14.30Pack Your Bag Competition by Travel Xperience
15.00Undiscovered Taipei
百萬部落客 Anak Jajan 臺北行分享會
15.30Quiz Berhadiah Cathay Pacific
15.45Koper Murah
16.45Formosa Circus Art
17.15Tiket Wahana dan FnB
18.15Talkshow with AHHA TRIP
19.15Introduction to Pesona Alam Resort & Spa
19.45Lucky Draw

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